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And yet, the most ridiculous thing about Oscar isn’t his completely unexplained disappearance after half a season; nor is it his in-at-the-deep-end English accent which makes him sound like Jack Skellington.It’s almost like he’s being played by a second-rate actor from Atlanta, Georgia. We’re not sure what the people of Britain ever did to the writers of 90210, but whatever it was it resulted in one of the only two British characters being a rapist and the other being a man who simultaneously beds a mother and her daughter while wearing outfits like this.

Annie: Yeah the yawns and blood shot eyes kinda give it away.

has been cancelled after five seasons on the CW and, to be honest, I’m not too sad to see it go.

It started out with some promise but fizzled quickly, giving us recycled storylines from the original and mixed with unlikable characters and improbable situations.

Dixon: Yeah that and maybe I heard you guys talking when I went to the bathroom Annie: Dixon! Annie: Ty is my boyfriend, but Ethan is my friend, so what is wrong talking with your friend late at night? Dixon: (Dixon laughs) Well the main difference is Silver don’t want to sleep with you Annie: (Annie shakes her head) Funny. MATTHEW’S LITERATURE CLASS (Morning) It’s before the last bell and Dixon arrives in class, Dixon sees Silver who already sitting at her chair, and he sits next to her.

was one of the most popular teen dramas during the early 1990s.

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Nope, the most ridiculous thing about Oscar is the way he catches sexual predator Mr Cannon, speedily identifying his supposed Essex accent as phoney. The fact he feels like he has to keep the relationship a secret “for his reputation” makes me want to punch him.

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