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However, there's also no pressure to be in a relationship.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 15 years experience helping adolescents, adults, couples and families. My orientations are Solution Focused-Brief, Cognitive Behavioral, and Experiential.

My specialties include treating anxiety disorders (generalized, social anxiety, OCD, phobias), depression, bi-polar depression, relationship concerns, self-esteem issues, obesity/binge eating disorder, sexual identity issues and sexual addiction.

I enjoy working with high school aged adolescents, boys and girls 15 to 18 years old, who are willing to participate in therapy vs. The first thing I do is work on building a relationship and help the teen feel safe and comfortable.

Selleck is of mostly English ancestry, including recent immigrant ancestors.

He has an elder brother named Robert, a younger sister named Martha, and a younger brother named Daniel. He then studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, under Milton Katselas.

Instead, he earned international recognition with edgy performances in sexually charged dramas like , and a few thrusts amid a surge of waves on a Hawaiian beach, and we have the blue-eyed Burt Lancaster, forever emblazoned in sex-symbol history. Ryan Gosling Thoughtful, intense, and unabashedly feminist, Ryan Gosling is a sex symbol for our time. He illuminated the '80s with his brusque charm, and remains lodged in our memories somewhere between crushable campiness and genuine lust. Tom Selleck Though Burt Reynolds paved the way for the hairy man, Tom Selleck earned his own witty niche in the mustachioed market. Melvin Van Peebles Standing at the helm of his own acclaimed film about a revolutionary hustler, , Melvin Van Peebles created blaxploitation and returned black men's sexuality to a cinema that had emasculated them for decades. Wesley Snipes He probably seems like less of a sex symbol now that he's in prison for tax evasion.

Even today, we might not rewatch his movies, but we'd probably fuck him. Gael García Bernal Gael García Bernal and his unspeakably pretty face could have suffocated quietly in telenovelas. Ramón Novarro Lauded as the new Rudolph Valentino, Mexican actor Ramón Novarro subverted the trope of the distant, unattainable masculine love interest with his flashy romanticism in films like , our seats got wet.

I work with couples at every stage of relationship; dating, pre-marital, marital, and post-marital (blending families/co-parenting).

My treatment is influenced by Emotion Focused Couples Therapy and the research of John Gottman.

Last week, we ranked the 50 greatest female sex symbols of film.

This week, we're tackling the men, before they tackle us.

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