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She was right about people getting angry, but didn’t agree with the comparison to rape. Toward the end of the panel, he admitted, “Of course I read all this shit!

I’m fascinated with what you write about the show.” There were other serious moments last season — such as the episode in which Louie dates an overweight girl and she makes an unforgettable speech about how guys treat “fat girls” — enough serious storylines for C. to declare it was “a quiet season.” But, he promises the upcoming fifth season, which premieres on April 9, will be lighter.

One’s first reaction to “Better Things” is probably a comparison, however favorable, to Louis C.

K.’s now-defunct comedy “Louie.” Both shows feature unique insights into show business from funny people in the industry.

Within this attitude toward her mother — as well as the main cast’s exclusively female composition — is Sam’s enviable outlook: Self-sacrificing to a point, she will do anything for her family, but not at the expense of herself.

Some of these shows have even arrived at more complex conclusions than C.

K., who has Louie go the forgiving-dad route, trusting his daughter to make it through instead of adding to her angst—even though, from a certain perspective, Louie’s own screaming mother seems essential to his youthful self’s eventual righting.

The fourth episode of the series perfectly captures the full chaos of Sam’s life, as we bear witness to an elaborate casting process that holds her career in the balance, all while her children stir up a maddening amount of trouble at home.

It would have been easy for the episode to devolve into another story of how being a mother makes losing individuality worth it in the end.

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“Pamela, I’m in love with you,” he told her, and she grimaced and covered her ears. But on “Better Things,” whose final episode aired last week, these qualities are inverted: the show, though prickly in places, has wound up being—surprisingly, delightfully—the feel-good comedy of the year, and possibly the most poignant love letter to single motherhood that has ever aired on TV.

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