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Inflation should be a top concern for investors, especially among people facing retirement, says Michael Kresh, a Certified Financial Planner and author of “You Can Afford to Retire.” “When you are trying to accumulate money long-term, you have to try to beat the rate of inflation,” Kresh says.

“That means real (inflation-adjusted) growth in your portfolio, not just nominal growth.” The following are expert tips to help savers balance the desire for financial safety with the need to outpace inflation.

This dictates that scarcity in the supply of a good increases its price.

“There’s no way to get a real rate of return without taking some sort of financial risk,” says Kresh.

Investors need to ask themselves how much risk they can take, says Neal Ringquist, president and chief operating officer of Advisor Software, a Lafayette, Calif.-based company that provides investment management software to advisers.

Breaking romantic development down into 4 specific stages can help teens see the path that leads to healthy partnership choices and understand concerns regarding the choice to “Hook-Up”.

Each step in this progression has it’s own important tasks.

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After the end of a ten-year relationship that spanned my entire 20s, I’m on the dating market, feeling overwhelmed by how technology changes the level of information and expectations we have going into it.

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