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Keeping your software up to date is a crucial practice in Internet safety.

Most software updates automatically by default, but you should know how to check the updates and begin the process yourself.

If you need to do anything else after this, Windows will prompt you; otherwise, you're up to date!

To update Mac OS X, open the App Store, then click Updates at the top.

Knowing how to keep your software updated can improve your computer's stability and security and let you know about new features, helping you be an informed and empowered user.

You can read more about Internet safety practices here.

Features like dictation, messaging, and weather, for example, are all based on cloud services, and Pebble still hasn’t commented on whether or not it’s found a way to keep those working for users going forward.

Still, at least Pebble fans will be able to continue to use the basic features of their watches, even as the rest of Pebble is absorbed into Fitbit.

Here are five reasons why you need to keep updating your resume—and how this little bit of effort can benefit your career.

OS X updates will be at the top of the list of available updates.

On the right side of the screen, there are buttons to update individual apps or to apply all available updates.

In related news, along with the independence from online servers, the latest update also notes that the options to contact customer support or to request new features have both been removed from the Pebble companion app.

Whether you’re a job seeker looking for a career or a seasoned employee looking for a new challenge, your resume is one of the most important documents you own. So no matter what industry you’re in or what job you’re applying to, resume writing should always be your starting point.

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