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Law enforcement has responded to the proliferation of cyber sex crimes by using both high-tech and traditional crime-fighting methods to identify and arrest those committing cyber sex crimes. Upon meeting the child is sexually assaulted, kidnapped, or injured or exploited. Prostitution is a sex crime that involves paying someone for sex or agreeing to pay someone for sex. In other words, promoting prostitution can include online marketing. The more charges you face, the more severe the potential sentence you face.

However, in their zeal to crack down on cyber sex crimes, law enforcement does not always get it right. If you are convicted of violating a federal cyber sex crime statute, you could face 20 or more years in prison.

In recent years the internet has made it easy and efficient to pursue certain criminal activities.

For that reason, many sex crimes are now completed online.

The data showed that among forces that recorded ages, 13 was the most common age of a victim.

There were almost 100 crimes committed against youngsters aged 10 and under, and the youngest victim was aged three.

Rape, sexual assault and grooming were among the offences logged which had a "cyber flag", meaning the crime had an online element.

The NSPCC, which obtained the data through Freedom of Information requests, said it was urging the next government to introduce strict internet safety measures to protect children.

The number has risen by 44% compared to 2015/16, the NSPCC said.

For the past two years, police have been required by law to add a "cyber flag" to any child sexual offences that involved the internet in some form.

This could include activity such as online grooming, using the internet to meet up with a child, or an individual pretending to be someone online that they were not.

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