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With regard to any other mandates, this bill would provide that, if the Commission on State Mandates determines that the bill contains costs so mandated by the state, reimbursement for those costs shall be made pursuant to the statutory provisions noted above.(d) Reducing food losses by just 15 percent would be equivalent to enough food to feed more than 25 million Americans every year.

According to estimates, more than 6 million Californians, including one in four children, suffer from food insecurity.(e) Dumping uneaten food and other organic waste into landfills releases more than 8.3 million tons of greenhouse gases each year in California, contributing 20 percent of the state’s methane emissions.(f) Misinterpretation of the date labels on foods is a key factor leading to food waste in American households, and surveys show that 56 to 90 percent of consumers discard food prematurely as a result of misinterpreting food date labels.

1, Californians’ lives will be governed by hundreds of new laws including added controls on guns, harsher sanctions against criminals, extra restrictions on ride-hailing firms such as Uber and Lyft, and a boost in the minimum wage. Note: This list does not include the ballot propositions, such as legalized recreational marijuana, that were passed by voters on Nov. For the record: A previous version of this list states California businesses and public agencies must have medicine on hand designed to combat severe, emergency allergic reactions.

Sometimes, the date is prefaced by the words “use by” or “best before.” Sometimes it’s a “sell by” date. And the trouble with date labels extends beyond the dairy case and into the rest of the grocery store aisles.

A person who violates any provision of the code is guilty of a misdemeanor, except as otherwise provided.

This bill would, among other things, require the department to identify a list of ready-to-eat foods that have a high level of risk associated with consumption after a specified date and to post that list on its Internet Web site.

If you’ve ever argued with your significant other about whether to eat something that has been in your cupboard for a while, you’re not alone.

“One of the most common arguments people seem to have at home is about whether or not food should be thrown out just because the date on the label has passed.

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