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Problem: A small distributor wants to order from multiple suppliers in China, but they each have a FCL minimum order.

Solution: Since warehousing costs in China are significantly less than most countries, smaller distributors can warehouse their goods close to their supplier and pull out inventory to be shipped when needed.

After a period of economic downturn, many companies are beginning to recover and experience business growth again.

While some warehousing organizations believe the next logical step in growth is to expand and establish new sites, others are realizing that less is actually more by consolidating and centralizing operations.

This isolation and optimization enables queries to be performed without any impact on the systems that support the business’ primary transactions (i.e transactional and operational systems).

After realizing there are mistakes in the order, replacement parts must be shipped separately and assembled domestically.These operations include purchasing, receiving, storage, delivery and restocking.Centralized inventory can be feasible if a warehouse is strategically located among a nexus of retail locations, drop-shipment locations and other shipping points.The square root law of inventory quantifies the reduction of safety stock -- inventory held to avoid stock-outs -- by cutting the number of warehouse locations.The formula states that future inventory equals existing inventory times the square root of the ratio of future facilities to current facilities.

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